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Salsa is a dance born on the streets of Cuba with origins from Cuban Son and Afro Cuban Folklore and Rumba. We have Beginner, Beginner 1.5, Intermediate and Advanced Salsa Lessons Calgary. Intermediate and Advanced will feature some Casino Rueda. 


Son Cubano is one of the most influential and widespread forms of Latin Music, its is the very foundation of salsa, as salsa (dance) is a variation of Son and the salsa (music) was developed from son.  It is danced on power 2, in a partner or solo styling and has a more graceful feel than salsa. Learning this dance is critical to mastering the latin style and technique! Some well known musicians who play Son are Buena Vista Social Club and Oscar de Leon. A solid understanding of Salsa is required to take this class. Son may also be taught in combination with Salsa intermediate to advanced classes.

Ladies & Mens Styling

Ladies and Mens styling classes have a strong focus on technique and pull elements from all of the different Cuban dances such as Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Son & Mambo.

Salsa Footwork

Learn from the "King of Footwork"! In this class Alexis will teach you his secrets of fancy footwork and solo styling. Salsa Suelta is danced without a partner, perfect for enhancing your "shines", dancing in a group or adding some flavour to your salsa! Salsa Suelta is taught at an intermediate to advanced level.

Afro Cuban/Body Movement

Body movement is an integral part of dance, and in this class you will learn body isolations and Afro Cuban technique as well as the dances of the Orishas. The class level is intermediate to advanced.

Mambo & Bachata

Mambo manifests many characteristics derived from Son and is completely different to the modern dance that New Yorkers now call 'Mambo'. Cuban Mambo contains moves of modern day salsa styling and has been a very influential part of Cuban Salsa. You can see mambo still danced in Cuba on the stage of the most popular dance show in the world, Tropicana! Mambo is taught in combination with intermediate to advanced Salsa or Salsa Suelta. Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and is danced widely all over the world. In this class you will learn the basics to the dance, Cuban hip motion, some variations of the basic step, turns and styling. 

Specialty Workshops & Private Lessons

Periodically a workshop will be arranged featuring various styles of dance. Private lessons are also available.


Reggaeton is an upbeat, fun and rhythmic class fusing modern reggae, dance hall, hip hop and carribean beats with latin rhythms to for a unique, fluid style of dance. A strong focus on body isolation, increasing movement and flexibility through a combination of energetic routines.

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